The Moffett Taxi™ system offers a cutting-edge automated storage solution, ensuring the appropriate handling of temperature-sensitive inventory from controlled-room temperatures to other environments. Choose us to ensure your medical storage environment is compliant and safety-conscious, allowing you to meet market demand with reduced overheads.

Rapid Distribution

Medical Sector Supply Chain and Logistics

Now more than ever, consumers expect supply chains that are trustworthy, reliable and regular – and this is particularly the case within the medical & healthcare sector. Our intuitive automated storage system allows sensitive inventory, including medical & healthcare supplies to be stored according to established standards, reducing heat loss and energy expenditure with minimal overheads.

Faster Access
to Raw Materials

Greater Efficiency in End Product
Storage and Processing


We aren’t a shelving or racking specialist. We’re experts in software-driven auto replenishment, offering an automated, safe and rapid movement of products and pallets on a global scale with top-class customer support.

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Medical Supplies

As temperature control and storage experts, we provide a system that can ensure the safe and efficient storage of medical supplies, including drugs, devices and other equipment.

Array of medical and healthcare supplies including medications, syringes and monitoring devices


Designed for temperatures as low as -25 degrees, our systems are ideal for cold storage for medical supplies & consumables. The design-based ‘black box’ allows the whole warehouse to be operated without human interaction within the freezing temperatures.

Nurse wearing respirator mask holding a positive blood test

Repair Sector

We pride ourselves on the strength of our technical support and repair team. No matter your location, our Repair Centre pledges to identify and resolve any issues within 24 hours of being notified.

Medical Supply Chain

Hospital Stock

Our system employs data science and machine learning to continuously monitor and optimise inventory levels, including hospital stock levels. Our picking station and conveyor systems will increase efficiency in processing hospital stock whilst eliminating the need for human intervention.

PPE Storage

The outbreak of Covid-19 has highlighted the need for properly stored and supplied personal protective equipment. Our in-house system offers the specification to keep PPE safe & protected.

Rapid Distribution

As we enter the new normal, a rapid and regular distribution of medical, healthcare and personal protective equipment is crucial. We integrate our technology with your processing lines to guarantee rapid distribution.

Health Sector

The health sector requires a storage partner with industry-leading experience at expertise. Our team is proud to bring this much-needed quality to the health sector.

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