Logistics & Distribution

The award-winning Moffett Taxi™ system promises to revolutionise logistics & distribution operations across a range of sectors by optimising energy consumption and using smart racking design to minimise travel distance. Our system, software and support yield significantly higher production rates, improved product quality, enhanced safety, reduced labour costs and reduced factory lead times.


STORAGE DENSITYA Moffett Taxi™ system increases your storage density by up to 65%, helping you maximise your warehouse space
SOFTWARE SUPPORTOur in-house software support team will provide you with 24/7 software support and provide you with system training
PRODUCT QUALITYNo damage to product or racking due to vehicle or human interaction
REDUCED LABOUR COSTSAutomation reduces the amount of staff needed in the warehouse, reducing labour costs


High Density Storage and Rapid Order Processing

A significant advantage of the Moffett Taxi™ is the option to add to these as your business grows or demand fluctuates. To manage seasonal rush you can simply add a Taxi or two to the system to create increased throughput capability. Choose Moffett Automation for high density storage and rapid order processing. We can support you through periods of seasonal rush.

Faster Access
to Raw Materials

Greater Efficiency in End Product
Storage and Processing


We aren’t a shelving or racking specialist. We’re experts in software-driven auto replenishment, offering an automated, safe and rapid movement of products and pallets on a global scale with top-class customer support.

Working at large warehouse facility controlling goods distribution.


We provide personalised systems that are perfect for retrofitting to your warehouse, designed according to your operational requirements.

Motion blur of two men moving boxes in a warehouse.

Reduced Handling

Automation removes the need for manual handling in warehousing operations. Thanks to automation, you can enjoy greater productivity and shorter factory lead times.

Young male worker lowering a pallet with boxes. Forklift driver working in a warehouse.


The rapid and regular and distribution of products is crucial. We integrate our technology with your ERP system & processing lines to guarantee rapid distribution.

Order Processing

Increased order processing ability

A regular and rapid order processing ability is essential in today’s marketplace. We integrate our technology with your processing lines using a smart barcoding system to guarantee greater efficiency in processing orders, as well as rapid supply & distribution chains.

Warehouse Design

Regardless of your sector of industry, our experienced team of fitters, mechanical engineers and software developers are on-hand to fundamentally rethink and readapt your warehouse design for greater efficiency and productivity.

Additional Capacity

Think you’re using your warehouse to the best of its potential? Think again. Our system harnesses the power of data to allow additional capacity, from floor to ceiling.