Customer Training

Moffett delivers bespoke customer training services that allow our clients to run warehousing operations that are efficient, effective and productive. We’ve built years of expertise in this industry – now let us pass our expertise onto you.

Working with your team

Here at Moffett Automated Storage, we recognise that all businesses and their warehousing & storage operations will have different needs based upon their budgetary, spatial and operational requirements. Our experienced team of automated storage professionals work with your team to deliver a personalised training programme. Whilst our customer training services involve demonstrations on how to operate the Moffett 4D Taxi, we also use our industry-leading expertise to train and make a number of suggestions around warehouse management and the optimisation of pallet space. Our training and support services are unrivalled.

Operational Knowledge

System Use

All of our systems are designed, developed and engineered in-house, giving us total ownership and authoritative knowledge on its operation and maintenance. Following the installation of the Moffett 4D Taxi System, our dynamic team works to create a bespoke training path to ensure that your team proceeds with total conference around using our system safely and efficiently.

Moffett Automated Storage systems


The Moffett 4D Taxi prompts a totally new definition of the storage shuttle. Our revolutionary system is multidirectional, with the ability to reach any row, any level at any time. Our automated system requires no manual intervention or costly overheads

Black Box Storage

Our system is built to work in freezing temperatures of -25 degrees. Requiring no expensive lighting systems, heating costs or manual shutting of doors, we create safe, seamless and cost-effective storage environments.

Total Integration

Forget expensive warehouse management software and all of the complex training that comes with it. Our system fully integrates with your ERP system and production lines, using a smart barcoding system to facilitate efficient warehouses and reliable supply & distribution chains.


Total Scalability

Storage solutions like stacker cranes are built to oversee a predetermined number of pallets. Our Moffett AS/R Taxi System offers a solution to this issue, with warehousing operations achieving scalability by simply adding more taxis. Moffett provides the only system which can grow to scale with your business.

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