From Legacy to Leading Edge

Building on a legacy of innovation as co-founders of Combilift and developers of the Moffett Mounty, Moffett Automation now introduces the Moffett Taxi™: the next generation in pallet storage.

Here at Moffett Automation, our history is our foundation. Privately held and established by industry experts in 2017, we’ve built our world-leading reputation by redefining the traditional concept of a shuttle in the form of a cutting-edge auto storage retrieval system.

Flexible, dynamic and providing built-in redundancy, the optimisation process of the Moffett Taxi™ continues throughout the growth of your business, offering total scalability throughout the lifetime of your project.

Fully supported by our reliable backup service, our intuitive remote login system allows you to view critical information; including data around heat sensors, motor deceleration and acceleration. We can even operate the system remotely from our premises, allowing us to quickly identify technical issues.

Don’t get left behind in the storage revolution. Join business leaders across 3 continents by transforming your space with the Moffett Taxi™.

Where Storage and Sustainability Meet

Reduced power consumption and temperature loss are only a few ways in which our automated storage system can transform your environmental impact. The Moffett Taxi™ allows total inventory control with minimum footprint, helping our customers oversee more efficient and more eco-friendly storage operations.

Reduced energy consumption
Minimal heat loss
Ultimate storage efficiency

Storage Solutions

A New Benchmark in
Design & Manufacturing

Moffett Automation represents the next generation of Irish engineering excellence. We’re passionate about combining decades of expertise with cutting-edge innovation to revolutionise pallet storage around the world. That’s why our mechanical engineers, data scientists and in-house software developers, take total ownership across all stages of the design & manufacturing process, from initial sketches to final assembly.

Identifying Inefficiencies

Harnessing the Power of Data Analytics

Our systems harness the power of data to continuously make the best use out of your vertical and floorspace, with our remote configuration allowing us to identify and resolve any issues in the unlikely event of a technical fault. Identify inefficiencies, maximise your throughput and use our data-driven approach to transform every aspect of your storage space into a strategic business advantage. Lead innovation in your industry with the Moffett Taxi™.

Meet your storage partners

Our strength lies in our people. With a robust support system and a commitment to resolving issues within 24 hours, we strive for unparalleled client satisfaction. As your trusted storage experts, Moffett Automation continually pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in your warehouse.

Join us: stay up-to-date with the storage revolution

Sectors we work with

Automotive Sector

The Moffett Taxi harnesses the power of data to continuously optimise your warehouse, allowing your automotive business to operate productively & efficiently.

Healthcare Sector

Proceed in confidence that your medical storage environment is compliant and safety-conscious, allowing you to meet market demand with reduced overheads.

Manufacturing Sector

The manufacturing industry requires different racking suitable for a variety of bulky, heavy goods as well as the finished products. Moffett Automation meets the challenge.

Food and Beverage

Moffett’s automated storage systems are designed for temperatures as low as -25°C, making it an ideal cold storage solution for businesses within the food & beverage industry.

Logistics and Distribution

We transform logistics & distribution operations by optimising energy consumption and using the smart design of our racking to minimise travel distance.

Moffett Automation delivers tailored solutions that ensure efficient material handling and storage automation across any industry. That’s why the Moffett Taxi™ has been employed across a variety of sectors including automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, food & beverage, logistics, and distribution.