Moffett taxi red logo for its automated pallet storage and retrieval system

Intelligent Control with

Moffett WCS™

All the software for Moffett Taxi™ system is developed in-house and engineered to ensure that all solutions are designed to work within individual customer specifications. Our Moffett WCS™ (warehouse control system) is integrated into existing WMS (warehouse management system) to control stock and pallets. We also offer front-end control of the system to display current storage capacity and stock levels. Thanks to our in-house software team, we’re able to integrate with any ERP or WMS company.

WCS Features

  • Integration: Seamless with ERP Systems
  • UI/UX: User-Friendly Interface
  • Data Handling: Real-Time Analytics
  • Automation: Full Automation of Material Flow
  • Customization: Tailored to Client Specifications
  • Support: 24/7 System Monitoring

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