Moffett taxi red logo for its automated pallet storage and retrieval system

Elevate Efficiency with

Moffett VTU™

To allow any Taxi to travel to any level to access any storage space, Moffett VTUs™ are integrated into every system. Capable of carrying heavy loads up to 2000kg, Moffett Automation will design each system with enough VTUs to achieve the required throughputs. VTUs have a maximum height limit of 35 metres.

VTU Specifications

  • Weight Capacity: 2000kg
  • Operating Height: Up to 35m
  • Speed: 0.8m/s
  • Power: Inverter Driven (WEG)
  • Control: Integrated System Control
  • Safety: Emergency stop controls for immediate stop in critical situations; shuttle access restrictor latches to prevent the shuttle drive from operating if the cradle isn’t aligned with the correct floor level. Motor is on the ground floor for easy maintenance.

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Get in touch and our team of engineers will identify how efficient your current storage system is and detail the benefits of automated storage solutions to save floor space and time, reduce costs, increase operational speed and return on investment.

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