People, forklifts and inefficient lighting create heat, causing your refrigeration systems to work under greater pressure. By using an Moffett Automated Storage system, as opposed to a forklift, to move stock in and out of your cold storage environment you can reduce the energy loss, particularly from minus 25 degrees to chill. Automation also offers real benefits to a cold storage operation in how it ultimately reduces the costs of human labour, along with the errors and safety concerns that come with it.

Cold Store Applicable


STORAGE DENSITYA MAS system helps you achieve highest Storage Density while maintaining optimum throughput
Significant Energy SavingsNo Lights, Envelope Doors, and less Cubic Air in cold storage means significant energy savings
NO HUMAN INTERACTIONIncreased Health & Safety, less damage to product and racking, and allows easy temperature control
100% STOCK ACCURACYPallet Scanning at Inbound and Outbound allow for 100% Stock Accuracy and Traceability

Moffett Automated Storage are a proud associate member of the Cold Chain Federation, offering advice and systems to Cold Storage warehouses around  the United Kingdom

Efficient Workflow

Efficient storage for a wide range of auto parts

Conceived and designed by Moffett’s in-house team of mechanical engineers, fitters, data scientists and software developers, our Moffett AS/R Taxi System allows our customers to reap the benefits of faster manufacturing and product delivery. Customers choose our system for boosted productivity, product quality & working efficiency and reduced energy consumption, heat loss and labour costs.

Faster Access
to Raw Materials

Greater Efficiency in End Product
Storage and Processing


We aren’t a shelving or racking specialist. We’re experts in software-driven auto replenishment, offering an automated, safe and rapid movement of products and pallets on a global scale with top-class customer support.

Moffett Automated Storage Teams


We provide personalised, Moffett AS/R Taxi Systems that are perfect for retrofitting to your warehouse, designed according to your operational requirements.

Beer bottles filling on the conveyor belt in the brewery factory

Beverage Storage

Our range of solutions are versatile to suit your storage needs, helping you meet your regulatory requirements around the proper storage of beverages.

factory line and products

Food Processing

Whilst the Moffett AS/R Taxi System allows for a range of climate settings, removing the human element from the labour equation facilitates safe and hygienic food processing & storage environments.

Large modern warehouse with forklifts

Floor Space

Our system pledges to transform your available floor space from day one. Whilst utilising floor space to its ultimate potential, our system also removes common warehouse safety hazards.

Warehouse Design

Regardless of your sector of industry, our experienced team of fitters, mechanical engineers and software developers are on-hand to fundamentally rethink and readapt your warehouse design for greater efficiency and productivity. We can even retrofit our system to an existing warehouse.

Additional Capacity

Think you’re using your warehouse to the best of its potential? Think again. Our system harnesses the power of data to allow additional capacity, from floor to ceiling.

Faster and Safer

Human error and the likelihood of accidents are a significant cause of concern for today’s warehousing professionals. Our system removes the human element from the equation, leading to faster and safer warehousing operations.

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