Our award-winning Moffett Taxi™ allows manufacturing environments to reap the benefits of automation for parts storage and retrieval. This Industry 5.0-ready solution organises and optimises your warehouse so you don’t have to, integrating with your ERP systems and processing lines to accept pallets with no manual intervention.

STORAGE DENSITYA Moffett Taxi™ system utilises all the space in your warehouse to hold maximum pallets
100% STOCK ACCURACYWith scanning at inbound and outbound, stock count is 100% accurate and can be easily traced
RETRO-FITTING INTO EXISTING FACILITIESA Moffett Taxi™ can be customised to fit into any existing storage facility with minimal operational disruption
SOFTWARE SUPPORTOur Software team offers 24/7 remote support for less than 1% downtime while all your staff will be trained to have a comprehensive system understanding
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Efficient Workflow

Faster Manufacturing and product Delivery

Conceived and designed by Moffett Automation’s in-house team of mechanical engineers, fitters, data scientists and software developers, our automated storage systems allow our customers to reap the benefits of faster manufacturing and product delivery. Customers choose our system for boosted productivity, product quality & working efficiency and reduced energy consumption, heat loss and labour costs.

Faster Access
to Raw Materials

Greater Efficiency in End Product
Storage and Processing


We aren’t a shelving or racking specialist. We’re experts in software-driven auto replenishment, offering an automated, safe and rapid movement of products and pallets on a global scale with top-class customer support.

Selection of automotive parts.

Parts and Raw Material Storage

While running costs for cold storage can be expensive, we offer a person less warehouse as we deliver all pallets to the ambient area. Keeping people and equipment out of the freezing store.


Increased Stock Capacity

The Moffett Taxi™ system achieves high storage density thanks to mechanical and electrical control optimisation. With smart scheduling, we optimise energy consumption.

Logistics Automated Storage

Faster Processing to the Market

Advantages commonly attributed to automation include higher production rates and increased productivity, more efficient use of materials, better product quality, improved safety.

Picking Station

Small Parts Processing

Small parts require a storage solution that simplifies the human handling process. Products are small enough to be processed in cartons or bins for efficient distribution. These can be picked by hand or via automation. Our picking station and conveyor systems will increase efficiency in processing goods and eliminate the need for human intervention.


Our automated storage systems create warehousing operations that are streamlined, efficient and productive. We reduce labour demands and costs, using the power of data to optimise your business from day one.

Distribution Hub

Our systems achieve more than just increased storage density. Our systems transform your warehousing operation into a fully optimised distribution hub, allowing our clients to work smartly and cost-effectively.

Customised Solutions

We pride ourselves on offering a totally bespoke system to each and every customer we work with. Our engineers and software developers work within your budgetary and operational requirement to deliver a solution that’s perfect for your business.

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