Moffett taxi red logo for its automated pallet storage and retrieval system

Streamline Operations with

Moffett Conveyor™

To facilitate inbound and outbound pallet transportation from the storage system, Moffett Automation design, manufacture and install conveyor units. Each conveyor is tailor-made to meet customers’ exact specifications and can also be integrated with existing processes within the facility, such as AGVs or existing conveyor systems.

Conveyor Specifications

  • Type: Roller and Belt Options
  • Speed: Up to 0.18m/s
  • Load Capacity: Up to 2000kg
  • Length: Customisable
  • Material: Durable Composite Materials
  • Safety: Emergency Stop and Directional Locks

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Get in touch and our team of engineers will identify how efficient your current storage system is and detail the benefits of automated storage solutions to save floor space and time, reduce costs, increase operational speed and return on investment.

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