Sustainable Warehousing: Creating a Sustainable Cold Store

Sustainability seems to be one of the latest industrial buzzwords, but what does it really mean and how can pharmaceutical, logistics, manufacturing, and all companies within the warehousing industry really benefit from the concept of sustainability and “going green”?

The award-winning Moffett Taxi™ system helps those in the warehouse industry create a more sustainable facility, particularly in cold storage or freezer applications. These facilities require much more energy than ambient warehousing, and by implementing our eco-friendly system, a much smaller footprint is achieved by providing far more storage in the same amount of area. The energy being used to cool the storage area remains the same, whilst the number of pallets being cooled is greatly increased, sometimes by up to 60% on standard racking.

There are more factors that contribute to your Moffett Taxi™ system creating a more sustainable cold storage facility than just increased pallet spaces. People, forklifts, and inefficient lighting create heat, causing your refrigeration systems to work under greater pressure. By using our solution as opposed to a forklift to move stock in and out of your cold storage environment, you can reduce the energy loss significantly – particularly from minus 30 degrees to chill. We can integrate envelope doors into your system, minimising any heat loss from entering or exiting pallets.

Envelope Doors

Another potential way of decreasing the environmental footprint of your cold store is by implementing an oxy-reduced system. This reduces the oxygen content in the air of the warehouse, eliminating the need for sprinklers, maximising all space in the warehouse. Moffett Automation has successfully carried this out in a cold store as part of a recent project, finding that it can help improve the overall efficiency of the system and achieving the goals of the customer. By integrating this into your cold storage, you can maximise the height of your structure while maintaining fire safety standards.

Oxygen-reducing chamber

Why Become a More Sustainable Warehouse?

For us at Moffett Automation, the question isn’t why to become a more sustainable warehouse. The question is Why Not?.

There is a number of reasons why “going green” will improve your warehousing solution. Five key benefits of becoming more sustainable are;

  1. Reducing your operational costs
  2. Ensuring the quality of your product
  3. Maximising your warehouse productivity
  4. Significantly reduced energy costs
  5. Reduced waste production
  1. Reducing your Operational Costs: By creating a more sustainable storage solution by integrating automation and the Moffett Taxi™ system, warehousing solutions can greatly reduce their operational costs. The amount of labour needed to operate the warehouse is greatly reduced leading to significant savings in operational costs. Whilst the initial capital investment of integrating automation into your warehouse may appear significant, the savings – in the long run – will soon become clear.

2. Ensuring the quality of your product: By reducing the amount of human presence in your warehouse, and in particular by eliminating the need for forklifts presence in the warehouse, you can ensure higher quality of your products. Less human intervention ultimately means less damage to pallets, as automation eliminates human error and damage by vehicles.

3. Maximising your warehouse productivity: The Moffett Taxi™ system can greatly increase your warehouse’s productivity. More pallet spaces in the same area increases your productivity. Furthermore, with our solution, throughputs can be easily altered to suit your business through the addition of additional Taxis, allowing you to easily increase your number of pallet movements if needed.

4. Significantly Reduced Energy Costs: As there is no need for human presence in the warehouse, there is no need for lights. This alone can greatly reduce energy costs. Now imagine the energy that is lost in a conventional cold store when a door is big enough to allow a forklift and pallet to drive in and out throughout the working day. With a Moffett Taxi™ system, the door can be significantly smaller. And we can implement envelope doors that work to minimise the energy loss during pallet movements. These features can help companies uncover huge energy cost savings

5. Reduced Waste Production: In conventional warehouses outfitted with forklifts, waste can derive from re-packaging and product loss due to damage and mishandling, but an automated warehouse eliminates the need for most fork trucks, which reduces the likelihood of product damage and loss. A Moffett Taxi™ system can retrieve and transport pallets safely and smoothly across the system prompting less plastic stretch wrap consumption as securing the pallet is less of a concern. 

By choosing Moffett Automation and our acclaimed Moffett Taxi™ system, companies can uncover new cost savings and position themselves as market leaders in sustainability.

Establishing an industry reputation for being environmentally conscious will allow a company to differentiate themselves among their competition and strengthen consumer loyalty. 

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