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Warehouse planning & management is a highly complex task requiring extensive experience and constant planning. Ensuring optimum inventory levels and keeping that inventory secure & accessible whilst meeting health, safety and environmental demands can represent significant challenges – and few understand these challenges better than us.

Analysis and Advice

Let us handle your storage while you run your business

Unlike many storage and material handling providers, Moffett Automated Storage offers an approach that is flexible, dynamic and with built-in redundancy. Our totally free site surveys allow us to combine our clients’ unique knowledge of their product with our own authority in automation, creating solutions that boost capacity, enhance productivity and improve workplace safety. Indeed, the Moffett AS/R Taxi System’s optimisation process continues throughout the growth of our clients’ businesses, offering scalability throughout the lifetime of a project.

Greater Capacity

Faster Order Processing

Analysis and Advice

Improve your warehouse with an automated turnkey solution

Here at Moffett Automated Storage, industry-leading innovation is a family tradition. We create warehousing operations that are streamlined, efficient and productive, harnessing the power of data to use your warehouse’s pallet space to its ultimate potential. From automotive businesses through to medical storage environments, cold storage and logistics & distribution, our Moffett AS/R Taxi System pledges to transform your business every day from day one.


Worker safety is an important reason for automating an industrial operation. Automated systems often remove workers from the workplace, reducing overheads and the likelihood of human error.

High Throughput

A significant advantage of the Moffett AS/R Taxi System and VTUs is the option to add to these as your business grows or demand fluctuates. To manage seasonal rush you can simply add a shuttle or two to the system to create increased throughput capability. We offer scalability where stacker cranes and forklifts can’t.


The Moffett AS/R Taxi System achieves high storage density thanks to mechanical, electrical and control optimization. Using smart scheduling, we optimise energy consumption and use the smart design of the racking to minimise travel distance.

The Process

When you decide to launch a project with Moffett Automated Storage, you can proceed in total confidence that the revolutionary Moffett AS/R Taxi System will streamline and enhance your warehousing operation continuously from the get-go. Our process begins with an on-site consultation, where our experts visit your premises to suggest and design a solution that is totally bespoke to your operational and budgetary requirements. Installation is taken care of by our qualified team of fitters and engineers, with our continued commitment to our customers strengthened by our support and after-sales services.

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