Energy Savings in the Warehouse

2022, and the latest energy crisis has seen a huge increase in the cost of electricity not only for households but also for businesses. Large amounts of energy are used to run warehousing facilities, particularly if they’re in a cold environment, and companies are being hit with massive increases in their energy bills. So how can opting for automation, and implementing a Moffett Taxi system help drive these bills back down and help you achieve significant energy savings in the warehouse?

No need for lights

As warehouse facilities can be large buildings, the power used to light these buildings can be substantial. In order for humans and forklift drivers to operate in these buildings, the area must be well-lit, to create a safe working environment. By implementing an automated storage system, this requirement is eliminated, as the taxi shuttles and VTU lifts can operate without room light, resulting in huge energy savings for the company.

Reduction in Energy loss during Transfer of Pallets

In cold store warehousing operations, large amounts of energy can be lost during the transfer of pallets using traditional storage methods. Transfer areas must be large enough for forklift trucks to move in and out, and employees are exposed to harsh conditions. When implementing an automated storage solution into your cold store, we also implement rapid envelope doors. These doors greatly reduce energy loss as they only open when a pallet is ready to be inbounded/outbounded, and only need to be the size of the pallet, much smaller than the doors need for traditional storage solutions. The process takes seconds and is completely automated, resulting in minimal energy loss every time.

Increase in Storage Density

The increase in storage density that an automated storage system such as the Moffett Taxi™ system results in. The increase in storage density can positively impact companies in two ways.

  1. Less Space Needed: If a company has a set amount of pallets that they need stored, and do not need extra pallet spaces, a smaller warehouse facility will be sufficient for the company. By using a smaller space to store the same amount of pallets, significant savings can be made, including large energy savings.
  2. Same Space, More Pallet Spaces: For many companies, such as 3PLs, the main goal is to store as many pallets as possible in the available space. Implementing our Moffett Taxi™ system can result in up to 65% more storage spaces, reducing the amount of energy needed per pallet space. For 3PL companies, this can help minimise costs, helping increase profits per pallet stored.

2022 will see an even greater rise in the demands placed on storage solutions, so why not investigate what you could achieve with an automated storage system. To learn more or to understand your suitability, please contact us at +3534780300 or email at [email protected]

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