4 trends shaping the Future of Warehousing

With the demands being placed on warehouses growing rapidly, there are a number of trends evident that will shape the future of the industry. With the rapid rise in e-commerce, competition in warehousing is at an all-time high and with the arrival of automated warehouse technology, the question created for owners of traditional warehouse operations is: how long they can afford to wait before they upgrade to an ultra-efficient, 21st-century automated system.


  1. Time to Delivery

With the rapid rise in e-commerce, the race to deliver goods as fast as possible has become a key factor in warehousing. Customers want their products as soon as they are ordered, and it is up to the storage and logistics companies to deliver these products as quick as possible.

By introducing an AS/R system like the Moffett 4D taxi system, you can have a much quicker turnover of pallets. A Moffett Automation system can be operational 24/7, allowing distribution companies to maximise efficiency and reduce the time to delivery. Automation also guarantees lower labour costs, particularly when a warehouse operates 24/7.

2. Flexible Order Picking

Another trend being seen in warehousing is the importance of efficient order picking. While order picking is a slow process in traditional warehousing, companies are looking at ways of speeding up the process to meet customer demand and increase the efficiency of their warehousing solution.

Picking tunnels and picking stations can be designed into your Moffett Automation system. They allow pallets to be picked from, to create and fulfil orders for certain customers, in a much quicker way than with traditional warehousing, as the pallets that are picked travel to your location in the picking tunnel.

3. Maximise Warehouse Space

Real estate around shipping ports and ideal locations can be expensive. To gain storage capacity without breaking new ground, warehouses are building up rather than out. It is therefore vital that companies maximise the space in their warehouse and what better way to do it than by implementing automation.

A Moffett Automation 4D Taxi system can help warehouses increase their storage density and can be built to a height of up to 18 metres, adding up to potentially 60% more pallet spaces compared with traditional warehousing solutions in the same space.

4. Warehouse Sustainability

Building a sustainable warehouse, or “Green warehousing” helps logistics companies offset costs and garner goodwill from consumers. In cold storage facilities, in particular, there is huge potential to make significant savings by creating a sustainable warehouse.

A Moffett Automation cold storage system works without lights or human intervention which uncovers huge energy savings. Rapid Envelope doors can be implemented which minimise the energy loss during pallet transfer in and out of the cold storage.

A number of the issues associated with traditional warehousing can be solved through automation, and through the Moffett Automation 4D Taxi AS/R system and looking at these trends and the problems they solve, it must be clear that the future of warehousing is in automation. Companies are looking to store more goods, whilst keeping the space they use and their operational costs to a minimum. Introducing automation helps companies operate more efficient warehouses, with 100% stock availability and traceability.

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