Combatting Labour Shortages with Moffett Automation

We have learned in the past 18 months that companies, warehouses, and entire industries can be brought down by labour shortages. So why not reduce the risk of your company going through a labour shortage by introducing automation into your warehouse.

As Britain struggles with the worst staff shortages since the late 1990s, amid the rush to reopen from lockdown and a sharp drop in overseas workers due to Covid and Brexit, why would this not be the best possible time to implement a Moffett Taxi system into your warehouse? There is a number of benefits of implementing a Moffett Taxi system into your warehouse, and reducing labour needs is just one of these.

Some of the main key benefits of implementing a Moffett Taxi, and automation, into your warehouse are

  • Increased Storage Density while maintaining optimum throughput
  • Significant Energy Savings in cold storage
  • No Human Interaction
  • 100% Stock Accuracy
  • Higher Production Rates
  • Reduced Factory Lead Times
  • Less than 1% operational downtime.

There is also a number of benefits to the reduced need for labour.

How does introducing Automation, and reducing your labour needs benefit your warehouse
  • Lower Labour Costs
  • Increased Health & Safety
  • 24/7 Availability

Lower Labour Costs: By reducing the number of individuals needed to run your warehouse, you inevitably reduce your labour costs. These savings could be significant, particularly in the long run. By implementing a Moffett system into your warehouse, your demand for labour is greatly reduced. Staff members can be easily trained to manage the system.

Increased Health & Safety: Implementing a Moffett Automation system also increases the health and safety of your employees. Accident by vehicle is greatly reduced, as pallets are only manually handled at inbound and outbound, and thanks to the newly developed Moffett Automation pallet arm, forklifts are not required, a PPT alone will allow you to handle your pallets which again decreases the chance of an accident. The racking superstructure is all interconnected, this improves storage stability which also increases safety.


24/7 Availability: A major benefit of implementing a Moffett Taxi system is the opportunity to change your warehouse working times to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week whilst your labour costs remain lower. As less labour is needed, the need for shift working hours is reduced compared to a traditional warehouse trying to operate 24/7.

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