Moffett Automation Joins Cold Chain Federation

Moffett Automation is delighted to join the cold chain federation as an associate member.

The Cold Chain Federation is the voice of the temperature-controlled supply chain in the UK. Members are made up of businesses who operate frozen and chilled storage facilities and/or temperature-controlled distribution vehicles plus companies who have mutual commercial or policy interests.

Moffett Automation have joined as associate member, meaning that we will be offering our cold storage solutions to members in an environment where they can trust our expertise

There are a number of benefits for cold storage warehouses to choose Moffett Automation and install an AS/R System in their warehouse.

Higher Storage density, while using up the same energy to cool the storage area makes your warehouse a more sustainable storage solution.

Much smaller doors can be used to move the pallets in and out of the cold storage room which also reduce energy loss through the opening and closing of doors

These factors lead to a substantial reduction in energy costs.

With over 30,000 pallets operating in Moffett Automation Cold storage solutions around the world we believe it is an area that we have great expertise in.

To learn more about Moffett Automation Cold Storage solutions click on the link below.

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