Uncovering the Benefits of ASRS in Cold Storage

ASRS systems, also known as AS/R (automated storage and retrieval) systems are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in cold storage. With temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius, cold storage can be a harsh environment for employees to operate, and also costly for businesses to cool, with huge electricity and energy costs needed to cool large warehousing areas.

AS/R systems such as the Moffett Taxi™ system can help combat these issues, and help businesses create a much more efficient cold storage facility compared with traditional storage solutions.

Benefits of ASRS in Cold Storage

Automated Cold Storage

1. Storage Density

One of the main advantages of implementing an AS/R system is the increase in storage density. With a Moffett Taxi™ system, the storage density can increase by up to 65%, whilst not damaging selectivity or pallet movement.

By increasing the number of pallets in the same space, companies can uncover huge savings, greatly reducing the cost of cooling products per pallet. This also helps increase the sustainability of your cold storage, as the footprint of each pallet is great reduced.

Automated Cold Storage

2. Energy Cost Savings

Implementing an AS/R system into cold storage can also help companies uncover huge energy savings.

Heat loss in the transfer of pallets is greatly reduced, as rapid envelope doors implemented into the system only have to be big enough to allow for the footprint of the pallet itself and the Moffett Taxi™, and only open and close when required.

Another huge benefit from implementing an AS/R system that can help uncover huge energy savings is that they eliminate the need for lights in the warehouse. In large warehouses, there can be hundreds of bulbs needed to light the warehouse,  and by eliminating the need for lights, huge energy savings can be made.

Automated Cold Storage

3. No Human Intervention

With an AS/R system such as the Moffett Automation Taxi™ system, there is no need for any human presence in the warehouse. This has a number of benefits for both company and the employee.

Employees are no longer required to be present in the warehouse, in temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius. The elimination of this requirement results in a much safer, less harsh environment for employees to carry out their work. And with no need for heavy machinery, the risk of injury is greatly reduced.

There is also a number of benefits for companies. With no human intervention in the warehouse, the quality of the product is guaranteed. With no heavy vehicles such as forklifts operating in the warehouse, the risk of damage to the racking or to the product is eliminated

Moffett Taxi™ System

With a number of AS/R systems already running in temperatures as low as -25 degrees Celsuis, Moffett Automation has quickly became a market leader in automated solutions in cold storage. Our four-directional shuttle technology has completely revolutionised the cold storage industry and will continue to do moving into the next few years.

Automated Cold Storage

To learn more about the Moffett Taxi™ System and it’s functionality in Cold Storage, email [email protected]

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Since April 2020, Moffett Automation are proud to be an associate member of the Cold Chain Federation, offering our systems to cold storage companies around Ireland and the U.K.

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