Workplace Safety- How Automation Enhances Safety

As a workplace, the warehouse can be a dangerous environment with a number of different risks that can cause accidents. According to the Health and Safety Executive in the UK, a worker in the transport and distribution sector suffers a serious injury as a result of the manual operation of warehouses every single day of the year. Vehicles such as forklifts colliding when entering or leaving an aisle, trucks overturning and machines colliding with pedestrians within a warehouse, are among the most common type of accidents recorded. Warehouse operators are also required to work at great heights, whether it be operating machinery that can lift to these heights, or if they need to manually pick boxes on upper levels of the racking. This requires skilled individuals, with the necessary training, to operate these vehicles. Moffett Automation, and our Moffett Taxi™ system, is helping warehousing companies to reduce these risks, and in turn, produce a more efficient storage solution.

How does Moffett Automation combat the risks

No Heavy Machinery Needed to run your Warehouse

With a Moffett Taxi system, there is no need for heavy machinery such as forklifts in the warehouse. Thanks to the Moffett Automation Pallet Arm and Pallet Lift, a PPT is sufficient to handle pallets at inbound and outbound. Without the need for heavy machinery and large vehicles, the risk of an accident is greatly reduced, as is the requirement for highly skilled and trained operators. And with the current shortages in warehouse operatives, it is a huge benefit to companies that candidates that are less skilled will to able to operate the system, and also that a much lower number of operatives are needed to efficiently manage the system compared with standard warehousing.

No Human Interaction at Heights

AS/R systems such as the Moffett Taxi system requires no human intervention in the system. Once the pallet is placed at the inbound point, the pallet requires no further intervention until the order is requested for outbound and the pallet can be taken out of the system. No human intervention, either physical or by operating a vehicle is needed to transport pallets to spaces or to move pallets at heights. This greatly reduces the risk of an accident. Moffett Automation systems can be built up to 30 metres high, maximising the space available in your warehouse whilst also operating a much safer working environment for employees.

Tied Together Racking – No Risk of Collapse

When pallet racking collapses, it can cause hundreds and thousands of euros worth of damage to stock, temporarily bring business to a halt and pose a credible threat of serious injury to anybody present at the time of the collapse. With a Moffett Automation system, the racking is all tied together as one structure, which eliminates the risk of collapse. Unlike other automated storage solutions, the Moffett Automation system also does not need a “super flat” floor and only needs to be of fm2 tolerances. The system can also be retrofitted to existing warehouses.

Improving the safety of your warehouse, in terms of employee safety and product safety, are greatly increased by implementing a Moffett Taxi system. By increasing the safety of your warehouse, you create a more efficient warehousing solution, and by greatly reducing the risk of accidents, you can ensure the safety of your staff, through the use of automation, and the Moffett Automation Taxi system.

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