Sustainability With Moffett Automation

For warehouse storage sustainability, automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), such as the Moffett Taxi System, are becoming a popular option for several reasons.

1. Optimizing the use of available space is essential within the current market, as it is predicted that by 2025, warehouse capacity will exceed 2.9 billion square metres. By utilizing vertical space, the Moffett Taxi system maximizes storage capacity and enables warehouses to store more goods in fewer spaces.

2. Growing Need for Cold Storage: The fact that the world’s refrigerated warehouse capacity has surpassed 719 million cubic meters highlights the significance of streamlining storage operations. The market for cold storage is expected to reach a projected value of €375.25 billion by 2033, indicating a strong expansion. With the Moffett Taxi system, energy consumption is reduced, and accurate temperature control and inventory management are ensured.

3. Automation Trend: By 2027, more than a quarter (26%) of warehouses are predicted to be automated, demonstrating the clear trend towards automation. ASRS systems improve overall efficiency by streamlining processes, lowering the need for manual labour, and avoiding errors. As businesses continue to seek ways to optimize their supply chain and logistics processes, the move towards automation reflects a broader industry trend prioritizing technological advancements and innovation to stay competitive in the global market.

4. The ASRS market is exhibiting exponential growth, with a forecast value of Euro 19.14 billion in 2023 and Euro 32.94 billion by 2032. This rise is attributed to technological advancements as well as market growth. Continuous technological developments are the driving force behind this increase, which makes ASRS systems more complex, flexible, and affordable. ASRS solutions become more widely available to a wider spectrum of warehouse owners as the industry develops, which encourages more adoption.

In summary, with the escalating demand for efficient warehouse storage, the increasing need for cold storage solutions, the automation trend sweeping the industry, and the rapid growth and innovation within the ASRS market, it’s evident that the Moffett Taxi System is the way forward for warehouse storage, offering unmatched efficiency, scalability, and sustainability.


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