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Maximised Storage Capacity for a Leading Packaging Provider

Key Figures at a glance:

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Location Netherlands
Operational Time 24 hours 5 days a week (inbound 12 hours per day
Throughput INN 33 pallets per hour Peak 66 pallets in per hour
Throughput OUT 16 pallets out per hour constant
# Taxis 4
Building Height 12.2 metres
VTUs 2
Inbound Locations 2
Outbound Locations 2
Specials Hazardous goods warehouse and prepared to triple throughput figures

The cutting-edge Moffett Taxi™ system integrated seamlessly with advanced safety and environmental protocols for a leading packaging provider in the Benelux Union.

Project Overview

Total Packaging, a prominent packaging solutions provider based in the Netherlands, sought to optimise its warehousing operations by addressing several complex storage requirements.

Total Packaging offers customer-oriented total solutions that are thought out from concept to packaging as a finished product. Total Packaging sells, develops and produces packaging products in four product groups: folding cartonage, wrapping cartonage, vacuum forming and fulfilment.

Recognizing the need for an advanced solution, Total Packaging partnered with Moffett Automation, leveraging our expertise to overhaul their warehouse management. The collaboration aimed to implement a sophisticated automated storage system to efficiently manage their broad spectrum of packaging products, predominantly catering to the home and body cosmetics industry.

This project was not just about enhancing storage capabilities; it was about integrating cutting-edge technology to streamline operations, improve safety, and significantly boost storage density, all while adhering to stringent regulatory requirements for fire safety and hazardous materials handling.

Inside look at Moffett's total packaging machine showcasing cutting-edge pallet storage and retrieval technology
Moffett Automation's total packaging system in use with pallets and display screen

Challenges Presented

Total Packaging faced several critical challenges in overhauling their warehousing operations:

The primary issues included stringent CO2 fire safety requirements and the need to comply with hazardous goods regulations, which necessitated specific modifications such as specialised conveyors at fire safety doors, customised inner walls, and unique anchors for racking stability.

Additionally, the company required an automated storage solution that could maximise pallet storage within predetermined spatial constraints and manage a diverse mix of product SKUs with varying batch sizes. These operational complexities demanded a highly adaptable, precise, and efficient storage management system to meet both safety standards and logistical needs effectively. As Total Packaging already had an Auto VNA running on another site, Moffett Automation was requested to integrate according to the Auto VNA WMS logic.

Storage Transformed

To address the complex challenges faced by Total Packaging, Moffett Automation devised a comprehensive, bespoke automated storage solution. This represented a joint process which took several months, with Moffett adapting to changing building requirements across the span of the project.

Moffett Taxi™
The system included the installation of bi-directional Moffett Taxis, capable of navigating complex warehouse layouts with precision, ensuring pallets could be efficiently transported to any storage location.

Moffett Conveyor™
This was complemented by advanced conveyor systems that integrated seamlessly with specialised fire safety doors and existing warehouse infrastructure.

Moffett VTU™
Vertical lift systems were introduced to optimise vertical space utilisation, enhancing overall storage capacity.

Moffett WCS™
We implemented a robust software suite that included pallet storage management, traffic control, and route scheduling, all fully integrated with Total Packaging’s existing WMS. This software not only managed the physical movement of pallets but also ensured that during peak times, the system could handle incoming volumes as high as 66 pallets per hour.

Safety measures
The project also included the installation of safety measures such as fencing and light curtains, ensuring that the solution was not only effective but also scalable and future-proof. This is combined with the fact that automated systems reduce workplace accidents by up to 70%.

Technical online support
Moffett Automation provided a 24/7 online support system staffed by their own experts to ensure continuous, uninterrupted operation and quick resolution of any issues.

Local mechanical support
The Moffett Automation system is supported by a leading local service partner who will provide preventive maintenance and rapid 24 hour onsite response if and when required.

Project Results

The implementation of the Moffett Taxi™ system at Total Packaging resulted in significant enhancements to their warehouse operations.

The new automated storage solution led to a marked improvement in storage density, with the ability to handle variable SKU sizes and quantities more efficiently. The integration with existing WMS systems was seamless, enabling smoother and more reliable operations.

The advanced safety features and CO2 compliance effectively reduced risks and ensured a safer working environment. Additionally, the system’s adaptability for future expansions like AGV integration was confirmed, aligning perfectly with Total Packaging’s long-term operational goals. With no need for continuous lighting in their warehouse, Total Packaging made significant energy savings, with our lightweight Taxi moving materials of up to 1.500kg instead of a forklift or crane.

In response to Total Packaging’s request for changes to their inbound process, Moffett Automation’s software managers designed a custom software solution that not only met but simplified interactions with the client’s WMS. This approach greatly facilitated the integration process, enhancing operational efficiency and simplifying system management for Total Packaging.

Initial feedback post-implementation was overwhelmingly positive, noting the system’s robust performance and the proactive support from Moffett Automation, setting a promising trajectory for continued efficiency gains and operational scalability.

Moffett Automation pallet storage system with conveyor and display screen in warehouse

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