C&M Coldstores

Elevated Cold Storage Efficiency for a Frozen Food Specialist

Key Figures at a glance:

32716 Moffett Automation Logo -Full colour
Location Ireland Co. Cavan
Operational Time 24 hours 7 days a week (inbound 12 hours per day)
Throughput INN 60 pallets per hour constant
Throughput OUT 60 pallets out per hour constant
# Taxis 10
Building Height 12 metres
VTUs 2
Inbound Locations 1
Outbound Locations 1
Specials Stores chilled foods at a temperature controlled system of -22°C

The Moffett Taxi™ took cold storage efficiency to new heights for our customer: a frozen food specialist operating at stringent temperature requirements of -22°C.

Project Overview

Based in Shercock, Cavan, Ireland, C&M Coldstores provides a wide range of storage solutions for food manufacturing services and food retailers. The company sought to double their storage while maintaining strict temperature control.

The company engaged the team at Moffett Automation to expand their frozen food storage capabilities. Storing a high volume of temperature sensitive products requiring precise environmental controls, C&M faced critical capacity issues at their existing facility which operated under stringent temperature requirements of -22°C.

This ambitious project delivered an increased storage capacity of over 60%, with 9,980 spaces compared to an initial 6,250 whilst maintaining strict temperature control.

Challenges Presented

From spatial constraints to environmental requirements, C&M Coldstores faced a range of complex challenges when enhancing their storage capabilities:

  • Temperature requirements: Operating at temperatures of -22°C, the facility required meticulous environmental control to ensure product integrity, presenting significant engineering complexities.
  • Spatial constraints: Spatial constaints within the existing warehouse required a solution that maximised pallet storage without expanding the physical footprint. This required innovative use of both horizontal and vertical space to facilitate the integration of new technologies with existing systems.
  • Logistical challenges: Balancing these stringest temperature requirements with the need for increased capacity and operational efficiency posed a substantial logistical challenge, demanding a highly adaptable and precise storage management system.

Storage Transformed

Moffett Automation addressed these challenges by installing an advanced automated storage system, including:

  • Moffett Taxi™: Our team installed 10 Moffett Taxis. These automated guided vehicles enhanced manoeuvrability and storage retrieval processes, optimising space usage.
  • Moffett VTU™: 2 Vertical Transfer Units efficiently managed vertical space at C&M Coldstores, increasing storage capacity.
  • Moffett Conveyor™: An infeed and outfeed conveyor system facilitated efficient movement of goods into and out of storage.
  • ERP Integration: The system was fully integrated with C&M’s existing SAP ERP system to ensure seamless operations.
  • Technical support: Moffett Automation provides a 24/7 online support system staffed by their own experts to ensure continuous, uninterrupted operation and quick resolution of any issues.

Project Results

C&M Coldstores enjoyed immediate benefits, ranging from increased storage capacity to reduced labour costs:

  • Increased storage: The installation of the Moffett system resulted in an over 60% increase in storage capacity, achieving a max throughput of 60 pallets per hour for both inbound and outbound operations.
  • Increased efficiency: This enhancement significantly improved just-in-time delivery capabilities, reducing manual handling and labour costs while minimising the risk of damage to pallet racking.


The project, completed within just two months, not only met the high-efficiency demands of C&M Coldstores but also set a new standard for cold storage solutions in the food distribution industry.

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