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In pallet storage

Experience the future of warehousing.

We are Moffett Automation: the award-winning engineers behind the acclaimed Moffett Taxi System. Combining innovative technology with 7 decades of experience, our innovations allow for more pallets per square meter than any other automated storage solution worldwide.

Maximum storage capacity. Maximum profits. Maximum potential. Speak to one of our experts today to discover how our system can streamline virtually every aspect of your warehousing operations.

The Moffett Taxi™

Our technology revolutionises the concept of automated storage retrieval. Transform your logistical processes with a groundbreaking system that reaches every corner of your warehouse, carrying loads of up to 1500kg.

Award Winning Engineering

Our pioneering work hasn’t gone unnoticed, with recognition at 2022’s Manufacturing Supply Chain Awards and again by Ernst & Young in 2023. We’re leading the world in pallet storage, and our work has just begun.

Sky High Storage

Unlock every inch of your space, from the floor to the roof. By integrating our system, companies can store more products per square metre than any other solution on the market. Scale your capabilities to the max.

Transform storage into a strategic advantage.

The advanced design of the Moffett Taxi™ seamlessly integrates with existing ERP systems to provide a total view of your inventory management. The result? Rapid fulfilment and customer satisfaction.

Boost your capacity by up to


EY Entrepreneur of the year 2023

WINNER - Emerging and Overall,
EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ for 2023

Made in Ireland.
Trusted globally.

Combining the highest European standards with 7 decades of engineering excellence

Full traceable and trackable, the Moffett Automation package includes warehouse design programmes that increase storage capacity by up to 60%. Regardless of your sector of industry, we provide speedy throughput, pallet storage and movement savings through a combination of bespoke optimisations, on-line support and unrivalled logistical expertise.


Storage in Any Sector

Moffett Automation delivers tailored solutions that ensure efficient material handling and storage automation across any industry. That’s why the Moffett Taxi™ has been employed across a variety of sectors including automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, food & beverage, logistics, and distribution.

Increase of up to
On your current capacity
Stock Accuracy
Less Than

Built-in redundancy. Total scalability. Full integration with your ERP system and processing lines. Powered by a 80/100ah lithium battery and travelling at 1.2m per second, the Moffett Taxi™ features wireless capabilities and an onboard PC, building on our world-leading reputation as founders in Combilift and developers of the iconic Moffett Mounty.

Engineering Excellence,
At Your Service.

We’re more than a shelving or racking specialist. We are pioneering experts in software-driven auto replenishment, offering the level of service your business needs to succeed in today’s competitive market.

Assembly Parts

Our commitment to precision and reliability in parts delivery helps you maintain a continuous and efficient production line, boosting your overall productivity and reducing operational costs.


We leverage software-driven systems to optimize your distribution process. This service provides streamlined operations from warehouse to delivery, minimizing handling time & reducing the likelihood of product damage.

Repair Centre

Our service covers everything from routine check-ups to emergency repairs and system upgrades, designed to keep your operations running smoothly, protect your investment and sustain optimal performance.