All roads lead to Dubai

All roads lead to Dubai

Moffett Automation are in commissioning stages of a system in the Jebel Ali area of Dubai.


Increasing Storage Density in Dubai

Time and time again, industry-leading clients have placed their trust in us thanks to our multifaceted and personalised approach to automated storage and material handling.

High performance and meticulously designed systems allow us to achieve simplicity in the most complex of places, including large-scale warehousing sites. In our Dubai project Moffett Automation are in the process of delivering automation and warehouse planning, using cutting edge technology and honed expertise to maximise floor space and overall storage capacity. 

Three Storey Building

With a 3 story building, our three lifts travel 28 m in height to accommodate all the storage levels while bringing the finished product to the loading ramps on the ground floor. Interacting with processing conveyors makes a nice feature as we get the opportunity to work with other suppliers on the job. Order picking was another requirement that was integrated into the system for the customers production. We ain’t so fond of the heat though! Bring back the rain any day!!

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