Level 6 OEM Apprenticeship – Moffett Automation

Finished School and unsure what to do next?

Moffett Automation, in partnership with Monaghan Institute, are delighted to announce a new Level 6 Apprenticeship in Original Equipment Manufacturing



Earn while you learn over the course of this 3 year program

Stage 1, year 1 consists of 16 weeks off-the-job training with the remainder of the year spent applying these skills in the workplace.

Stage 2, year 2 follows the same format as stage 1

Stage 3, year 3 follows a slightly different format, having a shorter duration off-the-job phase of 14 weeks




  • EARN WHILE YOU LEARN: The Moffett OEM Apprenticeship gives you a fixed salary while you complete the course
  • HANDS ON EXPERIENCE: Learn on the job, as you will be trained how to manufacture Moffett Automation products.
  • FUTURE JOB OPPORTUNITIES: There are opportunities for those who complete the apprenticeships to obtain full time employment with Moffett Automation
  • LEVEL 6 CERTIFICATE: At the end of the course, you will be rewarded with a QQI Level 6 6M20689 Advanced Certificate in Original Equipment Manufacturing


Moffett Automation Teams

What will you Study

Areas of study include:

  • Health and Safety
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Testing and Measurement of Electronic Systems
  • Electrical and Electronic Technology
  • Mechatronics
  • OEM Practices
  • OEM Operations
  • Analytics and Problem Solving
  • Industrial Robotics and PLC’s
  • Team Leadership
  • Communications
  • Applied Engineering
  • Capstone Work-based Project


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