The Moffett Taxi™: Supporting Your Seasonal Rush

Moffett 4D Taxi

Here at Moffett Automation, we’ve been proud to serve clients across Europe with solutions that transform their levels of productivity, efficiency and safety. And, unlike other material handling solutions, the revolutionary Moffett Taxi™ offers total scalability throughout all times of year. With this in mind, we’re pleased to step in to support your seasonal rush this winter!

As a founding partner in COMBILIFT and having previously developed the MOFFETT MOUNTY, the Moffett name and tradition is synonymous with engineering and software innovation. As demand increases and warehousing operations face mounting pressures over the busy Christmas period, we’re using our years of industry-leading expertise to support our customers. Few understand the challenges of winter warehousing than Moffett, and this Christmas we’re passing our knowledge onto you.

Got some questions about how our scalable system can support your seasonal rush this winter? Keep reading…

Where can the Moffett Taxi™ adapt to the Christmas rush where other solutions can’t?

Opting for a stacker crane, for example, means that you cannot easily scale your warehouse for the future, meaning that you will instead have to invest all of your resources into that space from day one.

When you choose the Moffett Taxi™, you can achieve total scalability – all by adding more Taxis to your warehouse. It’s that simple.

What if something goes wrong at a time of high demand in my warehouse?

Don’t panic – we pride ourselves on the strength of our support and technical backup offering. Our intuitive remote login system allows us to view critical information; including motor resistance, speeds, location of each piece of equipment.  We can even operate the system remotely from our premises, allowing us to relate to our client to quickly identify technical issues there might be. The onboard camera on each Taxi give Moffett one eye on what is going on in your system. This allows an efficient service and keeping downtime to a minimum.

We’re on-hand to provide full remote system support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Moffett Automation customers can proceed with confidence that any maintenance, repair or support work will be carried out by trained and experienced engineers, fitters and automation specialists.

We offer total scalability, total redundancy and a 99.8 percent product availability. What’s not to love?

I’m unsure of how to plan and organise my warehouse to cope with the Seasonal rush. Can Moffett Automation help?

Of course – few companies understand the challenges of warehousing better than Moffett. Ensuring optimum inventory levels and keeping that inventory secure & accessible whilst meeting health, safety and environmental demands can represent significant challenges, and we use our years of leading experience to help our customers navigate these obstacles.

Our process begins with an on-site consultation, where our experts visit your premises to suggest and design a solution that is totally bespoke to your operational and budgetary requirements. From there, you can expect increased productivity and pallet space from day one – regardless of seasonal pressures.

We are experts in warehouse planning. Choose us and let Moffett take care of your warehouse while you take care of your business.


Our system is tried, tested and developed by Moffett’s in-house team of mechanical engineers, software developers and fitters. Our innovative Moffett Taxi™ navigates all four directions across your warehouse, reaching any row, any level at any time. Get in touch today to unleash the true potential of your storage operation.